Found a great article on Web Design Optimization here. :D

Although Browsershots now won't do much help for me, since I use VMWare'd desktops of Windows and Linux flavors. :D

YSlow is a great addition (so the earlier comments can say) to this list.

What the heck is that for? I was about to remove the double underscores (__) from the baked views until I was curious what they were there for in the first place.
The double underscores are actually used for internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n) support in CakePHP.


The Set-up: CakePHP 1.2 and MySQL database tables created.

After a freshly baked application, what's next?
The database and MVC's are done. Next is to tweak the generated code from bake.


enum fields in the database (.., enum('Gold','Silver','No Color')..) won't appear as normally as select fields ( ) in the views by default.
In the bakery, Baked Enums by John Zimmerman shows how enums can be retrieved from their corresponding field values.
Also with enums, Ron Chaplin's Dynamic CSS for CSS and More! is another good example of a ~wee bit overloaded cakephp with enums.

Alphanumerics with Spaces

After setting the validation rules for a field as alphanumeric, say, in a field like firstName or organization, a value for that field may be similar to Juan Dela, or Bahay Kubo respectively. To allow alphanumerics with spaces, i found a discussion with a post by Marcin Jaworski-2 at Nabble as a solution. He replaced the existing validation rule with a regular expression rule:


var $validate = array(
'firstname' => array('_extract')


var $validate = array(
'firstname' => array('rule' => array('custom', '/^[a-z0-9 ]*$/i'))

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